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Personalize Marketing And Ads Campaigns With Global USSD Sharp Ads

by Nikita Tekutiev on September 25, 2015

Active promotion and bulk messaging don’t guarantee positive results no more. Mobile subscribers went through a phase of constant bombardment by spam, and in order for them to respond to your message, it should be tailored to their interests and needs. In this post we won’t talk why mobile marketing and advertising without personalization is bound to fail. If you already set you mind on finding technology to tailor the content for mobile subscribers, this is the post for you.

One part of Global USSD platform is Personalization module. Personalization module is a highly specialized database designed for extremely high read/write speeds. This database holds the data related to users, services and service providers. Personalization database is primarily used by system processes and services, rather than by people. The database has a flexible structure, which means that any data made available in the course of interaction between a user and a service provider can be put and stored there.

Personalization database consists of four main storages:

  1. User Data Storage. It contains user profiles, the general data related to users, like MSISDN, transaction history, general preferences, phone model, mobile browser version, etc.
  2. User-Service Data Storage. This storage contains the user data associated with the services that user has entered. This data primarily consist of variables created by the services for their own use.
  3. Service Data Storage. This table collects the information related to services registered in the platform.
  4. Service Provider Data Storage. The general information concerning service providers is held here.

Using this personalization database, Global USSD Sharp Ads inserts relevant and targeted ad messages into the communication channel between a mobile user and service provider. Technically, Sharp Ads can work separately with third party service delivery platforms. However , when Global USSD platform is used the degree of integration of the platform and Sharp Ads is much higher. Whenever subscriber requests a service, Global USSD Platform provides the service related information to Sharp Ads. This information is analyzed and the subscriber’s profile is updated. The profile is then used for more accurate targeting of ad messages.

Global USSD helps to measure the success of a marketing or advertising campaign. With Sharp Ads and Personalization module, you can use history of marketing and advertising campaigns, history of interactions with a specific users, their characteristics and preferences, as well as a model of its behavior in your previous campaigns.

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Nikita TekutievPersonalize Marketing And Ads Campaigns With Global USSD Sharp Ads

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