Global USSD Platform

Infrastructure for mobile service delivery . One API.

Global USSD Platform is a complete infrastructure for development and delivery of USSD services to any mobile network in the world. The purpose of the platform is to lower development, deployment, and administration costs of mobile services. Transparent high-level architecture helps automate most of the tasks related to service administration. Connection to multiple operators through a single Global USSD API.

Multiple connections and interfaces

The platform support connection through SMPP, HTTP, SOAP to multiple operators

Integration with billing systems

Support of various charging mechanisms and billing scenarios of mobile operators

Simple XML based API

Easy development of services using XML notation, support of any programming languages

Fast roll-out time

Service rollout time is reduced to as little as one day thanks to cloud technologies

Connect 3rd party services

Become an aggregator and easily hook up thousands of content providers

Traffic monitoring in real time

Detailed statistics is achieved by coloring your traffic with tags

Forms of cooperation


Minimum investments and no technical involvement from service providers. A company shares connection settings of mobile networks which it is partnered with. WATAGO performs all further integration and configuration.

  • No large investments

    As the platform is deployed from cloud, you have to invest only in integration works with operators of your choice and license fee based on traffic volumes.

  • Quick connection of mobile operators of your choice

    The platform can be quickly deployed if WATAGO has an adapter for operator’s USSD/SMS center already developed. In other cases development can take approximately 80 hours.

  • No sophisticated hardware

    No need in expensive hardware. A simple PC can be enough to construct your service structure and fill it with content. Furthermore, virtual hosting is feasible.

  • Established delivery channels are used

    WATAGO has access to SS7 network and connections with major mobile operators. You can use existing connections to deliver your services.

Point of presence

Global USSD PoP can be installed in cases when country legal system requires so. Specific terms and conditions of this type of partnership will be discussed should you express your interest in it.

  • Short code suppport

    You can get USSD short codes, like *100#, from your local MNOs (as per your agreements with them) and connect them to the platform.

  • Hardware

    Certain hardware is required. Hardware specifications depend on your required performance. Contact us to receive more information.

  • Become a reseller

    Your point of presence can become a cell of the Global USSD nexus and you can start earning on traffic from other service providers.

  • Performance

    Minimum capacity is 10 TPS. Performance upgrade is possible for additional fee. High reliability and short response time of services.

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