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USSD Worldwide, One API

Deliver USSD services to GSM networks using one API. No integration with mobile operators is required.

Developer Account

Quick way to start building your own USSD service. Check final result live on any GSM mobile phone.

Enterprise Platform Solutions

Use our platform infrastructure for connection to multiple operators and providing your own or 3rd party services.

Cloud Powered

The platform can be deployed from cloud and connected to operators of your choice. Scalability to meet your needs.


Simple XML based API

Use our API to create USSD services within minutes.

Support of all programming languages

Code with your favorite language to develop complex dynamic USSD services.

Statistics console

Check usage of your traffic by hours, days, months, and years.

Call2Service number

A dedicated number in international format for service initiation.

Web debugger

Debug your service and see how it functions before delivering it to subscribers.

Web link for pushing

Use web link to push your service to a required number.

Compatible with GSM networks

Develop service once and deliver it to various GSM networks. Testing of delivery is required.

Interactive and flash messaging

You can send both Interactive USSD menus or USSD push messages.

Detailed documentation

Our documentation explains all cases of USSD service implementation.


Easy development

Using our XML based API you can build USSD service within minutes. Any programming languages can be used to develop complex dynamic services. For debugging use our web STT debugger or just send the service to a required phone number.

Worldwide delivery

With access to SS7 worldwide network we can delivery your USSD services to 70% of GSM mobile operators. As a developer, you don’t need to leave your room to build USSD services and demonstrate them live on any mobile phone.

Enterprise solutions

Platform for local or cloud installation in your country for creating financial services with banks, or just being a local aggregator. We also offer developer friendly API for mobile operators, for delivering unified experience to 3rd party developers and creating new revenue channel.

Industry expertise

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in infrastructure solutions and VAS mobile services for major mobile operators in Europe, as well as platform deployment for banks and corporations. With Global USSD you receive the best USSD expertise in the world.

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