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Developer account

Only internet connection is required to integrate your service. Sign up for a service developer account to receive all required tools and documentation. Call our public demo +442033559951 to see a presentation of a typical USSD service.

You will get 30 days for testing, 50, 500, or 1000 USSD messages depending on a type of account, Call2Service number, web emulator, API documentation for service development and integration, consultation and support.

Use our online test form to check if delivery to your country is working. Link –

We provide numbers in international format, but there are ways to get a local one. Call2Service is a technology, which transforms voice calls to HTTP requests. You can send requests to our SIP-server. If you don’t have such infrastructure you can find SIP provider (it can be mobile operator or VOIP provider) to help. Contact us for more information.

Short code numbers, like *XXX#, can be purchased only from local operators and require integration with operators’ infrastructure. If you have relationships with local operators, we could assist you to do it and be your technical partner. Please check our Enterprise page.

Each MT USSD message within a session is charged separately. MT USSD message is defined as a message, which is sent to a user. Service initiation and replies from users are FREE of charge.

Session time-out depends on local mobile network settings. It could vary from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. USSD message is limited by 138 bytes. That means that different number of characters can be used in different codings. For example, Latin could contain up to 182 characters, Cyrillic – up to 70 characters.

WATAGO has several connection points to SS7 for different delivery channels. If one channel doesn’t work, traffic could be switched to another channel. There are no standardized interconnecting agreements between mobile operators for USSD, that is why every MNO could have its own settings and change it. As a member of GSM Association we initiated some process to make such agreements happen.

USSD transport has the same security level as SMS so it can be safely used for mobile banking. We also could establish secure connection via VPN or IPsec.

Billing users is possible only with direct integration with mobile operators. If you have relationships with local mobile operators, we could assist you and be your technical partner. Check our Enterprise page.

Interactive USSD provides interactivity and instant response to customer requests. Users can browse through different sub menus and send/request information. Flash USSD is a message, which is displayed on a phone screen immediately upon arrival. It will disappear upon pressing any button on a mobile device.


Global USSD Platform is SaaS (software as a service), that can be installed in any country or deployed from cloud for integration with local operators and launching Value Added Services.

With Developer account you use our delivery channels and purchase traffic from us. To use Global USSD Platform you need to have relationships with local mobile operators and we act as a technical partner to bring your services to local networks.

Mobile operator should provide access to its USSD gateway and connection parameters via any protocol.

When direct integration with local MNO is established, mobile network operator is able to provide you short-code number, like *XXX#.

The platform supports multiply connections to several operators. You could connect all operators inside your country to one platform.

Yes it is, but besides a direct integration with mobile network operator’s USSD Gateway, it requires integration with MNO’s billing system. If operator is ready to provide the access to it, we are ready to integrate.

Each MT USSD message within a session is charged separately. MT USSD message is defined as a message, which is sent to a user. Service initiation and replies from users are FREE of charge.

For Out-In-the-Cloud operation you don’t need to have your own hardware, all connections will be done remotely from your country and you won’t be able to make changes yourself. For Point of Presence model you should have your own hardware, where Global USSD Platform will be installed. All connections and services are set up locally under your control.

It depends on what capacity do you need and how many licenses will be included. Contact us for more information.

Yes, you can become a WATAGO representative in your country and provide services to third party clients.

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